Open or Closed? Are you confused about the right Colon Hydrotherapy to have?

At DETOXologie we have been specializing in Colonic Hydrotherapy for over 12 years. We offer and recommend the ‘Open System’ for Colonics, when it comes to Colon Hydrotherapy only the best will do.

The process is quite simple and safe. You lie down on a treatment bed and insert a small tube into your rectum, this is about the width of a pencil. The tube is made of soft plastic that is flexible and has a rounded tip. You get a glove and some lubricant and insert the tube about 5 centimeters in to yourself. It’s not painful to insert and you don’t even feel it once it is inside. Then you press the buzzer and we’ll come in and turn on the water.The flow is very gentle and the water is warm and filtered so there’s no germs. The water fills you and you push it out. This process repeats itself for the duration of your session. That’s it, simple isn’t it.

If you get bored of relaxing or scrolling through Facebook you can always entertain yourself by watching the clear tube where you can witness what’s exiting your body. If you need us you just press the buzzer and we will be there immediately.

If you have ever tried the closed method you’ll know that it is quite confronting. Baring your bum to a stranger, having them insert a large speculum and then going through the process of pooing, while in-front of them. For most people pooing is a very private affair.

Colonics are all about relaxing and letting go. The more you can relax the better the whole process will be. You will clear more and will be less likely to experience any cramps.

Benefits of the Open System
• The water used in the Open method is gravity fed
• No pressure
• You naturally feel when you are full and it’s time to push out
• Safer
• Inserting tube yourself and feel when it is in right
• Tube is small, like a pencil as apposed to 50 cent piece size in the closed system
• Every catheter is clinically sterilized and individually packaged. We open a new one in front of you.
• Trained and qualified nurses will be helping you through your cleansing journey.