Quit smoking with expert hypnotherapist, Lexi Collins

  • Proven distinctive results

  • Consistently high client success rate

  • Lifetime quit smoking guarantee*

  • Some health fund rebates available

  • All natural stop smoking method

Lexi Collins is Passionate About Positive Change, Lexi is C.H.T. has trained in the USA and Australia and is board certified. Over the last 12 years she has worked with thousands of clients specialising in helping people to stop smoking. Lexi has married her counselling and hypnotherapy skills into a well formed practice with undeniable success.

Her highly specialised skills allow clients to successfully achieve change. Similarly, she has broadened her skills to include Weight Loss, Food Addiction, Gambling, Alcohol, and Drug Addictions.

Health Fund Approved

Leading Australian Health Funds offer hypnotherapy rebates. Please check with your provider whether you have coverage.

Dedicated Professional

Lexi has a passion for helping people take control of their lives, using traditional hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Lifetime Guarantee

With confidence in her methods, Lexi offers a lifetime guarantee. If you ever start smoking again all you have to do it call and book a session.


Stop Smoking

Because smoking is a habit, it is controlled by the unconscious mind. Through hypnosis and NLP Lexi can help transition you into a healthy lifestyle. The one simple reason you haven’t stopped smoking is you fear that it is going to be too painful or difficult. Lexi uses hypnotherapy in a way that removes the feeling of deprivation. Save your health before it’s too late.

Lose Weight

Weight-loss is simple once you understand the powerful principles that achieve and sustain the right weight; attitude, belief system/ values, short term achievable goals and supportive eating habits/ exercise habits to support health. A powerful hypnosis session will install you with a unique tailor-made strategy for weight loss, discovering your unique recipe for success.

Stop Gambling

Sadly, gambling is an addiction that affects people on many levels which can lead to dire circumstances and a life destructive course. For some people the only way to control gambling is to avoid all associations connected with the gambling habit. Most people need a combination of coaching and hypnosis to overcome their patterns of self sabotage.

Manage Substance Abuse

Substance abuse consists of psychological and physical dependencies. Physical addiction causes withdrawal symptoms. Psychological addiction causes the mind to depend on drugs, in it’s absence causing cravings. Hypnotherapy can be used in the post withdrawal phase to learn new behavioural responses to live without addiction.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Some anxiety is normal and in some cases acts to motivate you to focus on a task. It becomes harmful when it continues after an event, interrupting your daily tasks and affecting your wellbeing. Hypnotherapy works to alleviate your anxiety by understanding what causes it and brings it on by developing long-term life changes to manage it.

Manage Phobias

Phobias can range from being mildly distressing to being debilitating but they are manageable. They are an irrational fear caused by a stimulus caused by a situation, object or activity. Fears are avoided or dealt with considerable anxiety resulting in panic attacks or loss of control. Hypnotherapy uncovers the underlying conditioned response to stimulus.