We’ve all been there! Done calorie control diets that deprive us of so much with results that simply can’t be sustained.

At DETOXologie we don’t believe in starving the body. Instead, we prefer to re-train your thinking through education on healthy food choices from different food groups and more importantly appropriate, healthy portion sizes and food combinations. We will teach you the correct principles involved in changing the gut flora, so you can see faster, more permanent results.

Unlike fad diets, you will be able eat a variety of wholesome unprocessed foods, juices and soups such as meat, fish, chicken, eggs, nuts, vegetables and fruits etc. We don’t believe in starving the body but rather utilise the correct tools to gain the benefits.

Don’t put off your weight loss goals because of your fear of dieting. Achieve it by talking to one of our trained nutritionists or naturopaths today.