Ina’Chi 3D Bio-resonance Health Scanner

Ina’Chi Bio-resonance testing is the most comprehensive, non-invasive and innovative machine of our decade.

This incredible innovation provides an in-depth understanding of your health in less than 7 minutes, helping you map the most effective route to optimise your overall well-being.

The Ina’Chi advanced bio-resonance screening device is a sophisticated machine that can check the cell vibrations of every organ in your body at a very detailed level. The human body emits different electromagnetic oscillations, just like radio waves, and our cells, and organs all have their own specific oscillations. The cells, tissues and organs of an unwell person have a different vibration to that of a healthy person.

The Ina’Chi scanner will look at your composition of health and state of 36 organs, right through your body and builds up a complete picture of your current state of psychical and emotional health. Once a complete health profile has been done, a comprehensive report is generated. The software interface is clear and concise with a visual engaging test process with pdf reports generated with speed and 89% accuracy. With immediate reporting recommendations in the form of food recommendations, herbal remedies or vitamin specifically catered for the person tested.

Your results will be discussed with a qualified practitioner with these recommendations. A comprehensive summary report will be printed and a more detailed report can be organised and emailed to the tester at an additional fee.

Complete Component Analysis Testing

A non-invasive, magnetic resonance imaging that effectively measures your body performance in less than 7 minutes.


  • BMI (Body Mass Index)
  • Body Fluid
  • Body Moisture (ex-cellular %)
  • Body Fat content (inorganic)
  • Body Fat (% and weight of Body Fat)
  • Muscle Mass and Protein Volume
  • BMR ( Basal Metabolism Rate)
  • BCM (Body Cell Mass)
  • ODB (Obesity Degree of Body)
  • RAF (Ratio of Abdominal Fat)
  • Integrated Assessments (Muscle Type, Nutritive, Body Symmetry)
  • BFA (Body Form Assessment) overall ranking
* these machines are in test mode and not TGA approved.

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